Longier UK is the UK and Ireland distributor for the Longier range of
large format digital printers. Longier UK is part of Hallmark
Equipment Service Ltd, who has many years of expertise in the
service, support and sales in the large format printer market.

The Longier range of printers has evolved through a collaboration of
some of the most brilliant minds in our industry. Including experts
from the USA, Germany, China and Longier here in the UK.

The aim of Longier is supplying world class quality products and
service. Achieving this by systems that are modular, scalable, and
using high quality components, coupled with maximum efficiency and

A powerful desire to be at the forefront of technology is shown by
Longiers LED system for UV curing on all printers. Also the ability to
use ceramic, glass, textile and metal/enamel applications.

Longier has a state of the art manufacturing plant near Shanghai,
with a superb management, design and manufacturing team,
committed to producing only the highest quality products.